Photo de l'atelier JanKim le spécialiste de l'art de la table et de la porcelaine décorée Made in Paris France

I am Ophélie and I founded JanKim. Why ? I already had a job, I could have stayed very long there, but I felt it was the right moment to shake all that up and start a new adventure. Everyday is tough but worth it. So my passion into tableware got transformed into a real actvity. I learned how to paint on porcelaine in a parisian workshop with a wonderful teacher. My experience as a former product manager and my constant desire to customize the products, conduct me to create JanKim, a brand which wants to put more credit to handmade products made with humanity, time and passion.

JanKim loves paradox, mix ancient with modernity, take items from different backgrounds and create a sphere where it felt good to be.

My inspiration comes from trips, music, friends and references I crossed in my life from the beginning.

All the products are made in Paris, because I want to work very closely to the fabrics and production. So the quality is checked and we are sure to send a nice product.


We purchase white porcelaine, in France, Limoges and if we cannot find what we want, its provided by Spain and Germany. We make sure every piece is quality to paint on it.

Some of the products are already stamped from the Limougeaud’s factory, that’s why it coexist with JanKim’s logo.

To make the patterns on porcelain, I use traditional technics. The colourful pigments penetrate into porcelain during any hours into a ceramic hoven at 850 celsius degrees. And it’s done twice, so the colour is sustainable to micro wave and washing machine. Porcelain is also a very strong material.

This product being made by hand, thank you for your indulgence on very small variation between products from the same reference.